Creatica is New York City’s first virtual, student-run hackathon for young women and non-binary individuals in high school and college from around the world. Founded on a mission to increase gender diversity within tech spaces, Creatica is a 2-day event that will equip students with the real technical skills and support network to hack together a project.

Students with all levels of coding experience are encouraged to join us and discover their potential as problem-solvers and tech leaders. Look forward to a weekend of educational workshops, inspirational mentors, and supportive female hackers!

*trans and non-binary inclusive 


Creatica is for women and non-binary individuals who are in high school and college. Some exceptions might be made on a case by case basis, so if you want to participate and are not in high school or college, please email us at !


  • Hack together a project that follows our tracks or does not in teams of 1-4. 
  • Start and complete your project within hackathon hours. 
  • Submit on Devpost by the deadline. 
  • In your Devpost submission, include a brief demo video (2 MINUTES MAX) describing your product and why you built it and your code!

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,970 in prizes

Best Impact Hack

Build a project that leverages technology to create positive social impact.

- Spotify Premium one-year membership
- Creatica t-shirts
- Product Hunt swag

Rising Tech Hack

This prize is for teams that are 50% first-time hackers.

- Waterproof speaker
- Creatica t-shirts
- Product Hunt swag

Best Far Out Hack

Build something for fun! Create an app that uses machine learning to identify hot dogs vs. other foods! Be creative!

- Disney+ one-year membership
- Creatica t-shirts
- Product Hunt swag

Runner Up Hack

- Amazon Echos
- Creatica t-shirts
- Product Hunt swag

Best Overall Hack

- Airpods
- Creatica t-shirts
- Product Hunt swag

Best Domain Registered with

Register a .tech, .space, or .online domain name using during the weekend. Each team may submit one entry per person on the team. Each winning team member will receive a PowerSquare Qi Wireless Phone Charger & Backpack.

- PowerSquare Qi Wireless Phone Charger
- Backpack

Best Hardware Hack Sponsored by Digi-Key

Using your preferred hardware or hardware emulator, build a hack for your chance to win a Grove Beginner Kit, with Arduino Uno R3 included. 1 prize for each winning team member with 2 winning teams per event!

- Grove Beginner Kits

Best Use of CockroachDB

Build your hackathon project on CockroachDB's open source and indestructible SQL database. PostgreSQL compatible and easy to use. Utilize CockroachDB in your hack for a chance to win a 3D printing pen for each team member. What's more, ALL projects submitted that use CockroachDB will receive a free t-shirt!

- CockroachDB Branded 3-Doodle 3D Printing Pen

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Rachel Lam

Rachel Lam
Co-Founder & Managing Partner @ Imagination Capital

Caitlin Stanton

Caitlin Stanton
Masters of Engineering Student @ Cornell

Yesenia Salazar

Yesenia Salazar
Hardware Developer Intern @ IBM

Ruqaiyah Angeles

Ruqaiyah Angeles
Founder and Executive Director @ Breaking Barriers

Marleni Chavana

Marleni Chavana
Global Technology Analyst @ Bank of America

Teresa Ibarra

Teresa Ibarra
Software Engineer @ Datadog

Sphoorthi Gaddam

Sphoorthi Gaddam
Software Engineer @ Ford

Neelima Potharaj

Neelima Potharaj
Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Judging Criteria

  • Innovativeness
    Does the product take a fresh approach to the problem it is trying to solve?
  • Execution
    Is the hack usable in its current state? Is the user experience smooth? Does everything appear to work? How is the design?
  • Scalability
    Is the hack practical? Is it something people would actually use? Does it fulfill a real need people have or increase the efficiency of a certain task?
  • Presentation
    How well was the project presented in the video presentation? Did it make the hack more compelling? Did it explain the story and/or inspiration behind the hack? Did it give a good idea of its purpose?
  • Learning
    Did the team stretch themselves? Did they try to learn something new? What kind of projects have they worked on before? How good was the product in the context of their experience level with computer science and/or hackathons?
  • Theme
    If the team submitted to a track, does the hack adhere to the event's theme? Does it implement that theme fully or just partially?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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